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Trend Report: Velvets & Colours

Ragged Rose’s autumn trend report 2018. This trend report is focusing on the latest trend in velvets and colours and how Ragged Rose’s products are following these trends.

Ragged Rose is a home wear and gift brand that loves luxury fabrics like velvet and bright colours. That’s why this season’s trend is Ragged Rose’s season. As this report attempts to show.

Maison & Objet just had their September, Paris Design Week. They say this event is ‘fast becoming the definitive cultural counterpoint that is raising the bar for design weeks across the world’

One of the main trends seen at Maison & Objet was their velvet trend. We have images of some stand out products from the design week:

According to Eporta, the online market for buyers to buy interior items at trade prices, has noted its key trends through its website over the last 6 months. These trends demonstrate how Ragged Rose is an up-to-date, on trend home wear brand. This is mostly due to Ragged Rose’s velvet cushions and velvet throws and also its bright colour pallet.

  • Fastest rising colour is orange, followed by yellow
  • 400% increased search for velvet
  • Poufs on the rise in popularity for the first time
  • Black up 93% in 6 months

Houseology, similar to Maison & Objet says that Blush Pink, Neutral Grey and Burgundy are the current colour trends. They claim you can pair the grey and burgundy with the blush pink.  Their ideas can be seen here.

As seen through Maison & Objet’s, September ’18, Paris Design Week and the other home wear’s research into this autumn’s trends: Orange, Yellow, Teal and China Blue are the most fashionable items. These are colours that Ragged Rose specialises in, especially in velvet.


Ragged Rose’s velvet is used for their: Cushions, throws, poufs and bedspreads. All these products come in the companies’ signature jewel colour way:

  • Blush Pink
  • Fuchsia Pink
  • Burnt Orange
  • Aubergine
  • Purple
  • China Blue
  • Petrol Blue
  • Teal Blue
  • Duckegg Blue
  • Lime Green
  • Gold
  • Silver Grey

Ragged Rose’s Velvet colours: Arabella Velvet Pom Pom Cushions.







From here, it is evident that the colours in the Maison & Objet photos are almost identical to Ragged Rose’s colour pallet.  Specifically their shade of yellow, orange, teal and china blue.
There are also the other trends, noted by the other home wear brands, in Ragged Rose’s velvet products. (blush pink and silver grey). Therefore, Ragged Rose is in keeping with all the popular colours this season.



Eportal has found that Pouffe’s are gaining popularity, for how often it is searched, for the first time. Ragged Rose’s Rosa Velvet Pouffe’s are one of the companies’ most iconic products and in keeping with the velvet and colour trends of this season, as has been previously shown.

Ragged Rose’s Rosa Pouffe collection:















Although a home wear trend that Ragged Rose has been following, yellow has been the trending colour for summer in fashion, with burgundy set to be the colour for autumn. Ragged Rose’s new aubergine colour and Serena Wine Satin Stripe Cushion, reflects this upcoming trend.


Elle also says that fuchsia pink is one of the main fashion colours for this autumn. Fuchsia is Ragged Rose’s primary colour, as seen in the logo and almost every design at Ragged Rose has fuchsia pink somewhere.

Elle:                                                             Ragged Rose – Fuchsia Pink:

pink pom pom cushion



















    Ragged Rose – Blush Pink:

Maison & Objet – Paris Design Week, September 2018
– Fuchsia and Blush Pink:












Maison & Objet’s velvet.
Eportal’s most on trend colours – Yellow and Orange
Ragged Rose’s velvet in the same colours – Gold and Burnt Orange

























Ragged Rose’s pile velvet, means that in all different lights and whichever way you brush it, the colour changes. This makes it stand out. These velvet cushions are a luxurious addition to your home. These images show how Ragged Rose’s are the same as Maison & Objet’s velvet.


From here, it is interesting to see how the predicted trends and the current home furnishing shows, reflect how in style Ragged Rose is.