Botanical Vibes

Inspired by the huge Jungle theme which is so on trend, Botanicals offers us the chance to create a sanctuary or retreat for either indoors or out. Transport yourself to place of lush greenery with palms, cycads and Banana trees. Listen to the chattering of monkeys in the trees or escape the everyday stresses of life with our calming shades of green. Using limes, grass green through to deeper verdant emerald .Add a touch of yellow which makes your space so inviting to chill.


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  • blue pansy velvet footstool

    Blue Pansy Velvet Footstool

    £156.00 (£130.00 ex VAT)
  • Green Botanicals Eyemask

    £7.50 (£6.25 ex VAT)
  • Green Velvet Vanity Bag

    Green Botanicals Velvet Vanity Bag

    £20.00 (£16.67 ex VAT)
  • green palms velvet footstool

    Green Palms Velvet Footstool

    £156.00 (£130.00 ex VAT)