Cushions have been adorning beds and sofas for a long time now. Buy from our range of cushions to renovate the style and bring in a new look to your sofas. We have cushions in all matching colours to complement your sofas and beds! Pom pom, tassel and velvet cushions – pick your style! You will fall in love with our beautiful colours, once you rest your head on it after a long days work! So soft and inviting!

We have lime green, yellow, purple, orange, fuchsia pink cushions, linen look and many more! So you can choose from warm and bright colours as per the need. Bright colours will be great for your child’s bedroom.

These soft cushions don’t just give a support to your back but can change the mood of a room and redecorate your home in an instant – just put it on your foot stool, add style to your hall, kitchen or your bedroom! Use them with patio furniture, or in the garden and they will surely uplift the mood! Choose from our wide range of colour coordinating textiles, in florals, textures, velvet, embroideries, pom poms, and make your home inviting.

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