Billy PVC Garden Apron Lime

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PVC Garden Apron Lime

Protect your clothes from those messy chores and hobbies by wearing the Billy PVC Garden Apron Lime.

The Billy PVC Garden Apron Lime is made from 100% coated cotton fabric. It has a vibrant design featuring our signature pink ragged roses on a stunning lime green background. Elements of white have been added to the pink roses to make them stand out. A darker green has been used for the leaves to contrast with the vibrancy of the lime green background. A handy pocket has been added to the front of the apron that’s perfect for keeping small personal items safe and in one convenient place.

The neck strap and ties of the Billy PVC Garden Apron Lime are plain in colour to contrast with the products floral print. Another useful feature is the adjustable neck strap so that the Billy PVC Garden Apron Lime is comfortable to wear whilst completing your chores.

Unlike many of our other products, the Billy PVC Garden Apron Lime isn’t suitable for a machine wash. The coated cotton material means that the apron is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. To ensure the quality and feel of the apron, please do not place it in your washing machine.

This would make a fantastic gift idea for anyone you know who loves messy hobbies or enjoys spending time out in the garden. There’s no need to restrict the wear of the Billy PVC Garden Apron Lime to the outdoors, it is also a useful product for inside the home, especially when baking or cooking. The exterior coating of the apron makes it easy to wipe clean if it gets covered in flour, sauces or any other baking ingredients.

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PVC Garden Apron Lime

  • 100% coated cotton
  • Measures 85cm (length) x 68cm (width)
  • Easy wipe clean
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Not suitable for a machine wash
  • Matching items available

You may want to pair this with Haws’ beautiful and uniquely designed watering cans to make doing the gardening as pretty as the flowers.

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