May Christmas Grey Aga Mat Covers


Decorate your Aga Cooker for Christmas with these silver grey hob covers /chef’s pads.

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May Christmas Grey Aga Mat Covers

This new May Christmas Grey Aga Mat Covers, comes in a pack of two and is perfect for the festive period. This is one of our customer’s favourite item, the famous AGA chefs pad and is now  available in a range of new colours and prints to suit any kitchen. and feature high levels of insulation properties.

These Aga Mats are designed specifically to be used on an Aga cooker, that mainstay of the typical English farmhouse country kitchen.

Some people refer to them as range warmers,cooker mats, lid covers and chefs pads or even Aga Toppers. Whatever you call them the role of the Aga Mat is to protect the heat plates on the oven, because they are stainless steel and feature a high level of insulation properties.

Aga have introduced some lovely new colourways for their cookers including Slate grey,Pearl ashes and Dove Grey so you can coordinate your mats with them .

An extra perk of having an Aga Mat on your Aga cooker, is they hold in heat, so you can warm  up your plates  in seconds.  Made with the British Standard Approved Thermal Layer so you don’t have to worry about burning your hands

Boca Da Lobo, explains why neutral grey is the current trend for decorating your home. Click here to see why.

When you are finished with using the Aga cooker, you can hang the Aga Mats up to help decorate your kitchen. Christmas designed kitchen textiles are a guaranteed way to help keep you, family and guests festive in your kitchen, when preparing the big feast.

This Aga Mat is 100% cotton and measures 40 cm in diameter.

If you’re unsure about this  silver grey colour , why not look take a look at our traditional classic  red version of this design?

You can also match this with our Betty Aprons, Christmas Tea TowelsNapkins and embroidered Christmas tablecloths.

May Christmas Grey Aga Mat Covers

  • Gift wrapped Pair with ribbon
  • 100% cotton
  • Thermal insulated
  • Machine washable using low detergent and slow spin
  • Useful hanging loop
  • Matching accessories including gauntlets ,tea towels aprons and even table linen.

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