Tessa Plain Lime Cotton Tablecloth


Stunning Lime Cotton Tablecloth, for kitchen or garden table.

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Plain Lime Cotton Tablecloth

This soft coloured Plain Lime Cotton Tablecloth, is pleasantly welcoming for your table. It would look beautiful in your kitchen or garden, but we recommend trying it as a garden tablecloth because of how splendid it looks around flowers and trees; due to the kiwi lime shade of this design.

If you agree with that recommendation, you may also then choose to pair it with our Jacky Garden Box Cushions. These come in the same shades and designed to be together.

This product is 100% cotton and are perfectly paired with our Lime Paddy seat pads, for your home or garden.

The tablecloth is large and rectangular, measuring at 7ft 6 inches (230 cms) this will fit a good sized dining or patio table, of around 6-8 people.

If something should happen to it, all it needs is a gentle machine wash cycle, to keep it in mint condition.

We have a range of colours for this design.

Plain Lime Cotton Tablecloth



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